Deciding to strike out on one’s own during quaky, shaky, flaky economic times is no one’s idea of a surefire winning strategy.

But once in a great while, an invincible spirit of “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” seizes the imagination and prevails.

After all, entire nations were established by enterprising individuals during quaky, shaky, flaky economic times. And they turned out just fine, didn’t they?

So there is great precedent in the power of a plan when its time has come.

In February 2017, after eight years of study, apprentice work, establishing himself as a certified electrician, and working as a cost estimator for a medium-size Tier 2 electrical contractor, Cory Belobrajdic made the decision to start his own company, Empowercom, from the ground up.

A member of NECA (National Electrical and Communications Association), Empowercom specialises in electrical and telecommunications installations.

Empowercom’s niche is within office fit outs, maintenance and refurbishment. Its clientele includes retail, commercial offices, government, schools and fellow business owners whose premises require maintenance. Empowercom serves residential clients, too—homeowners who are remodelling or building who need Empowercom’s expertise and insights to achieve their goals.

In addition to surveying the scope of a project and establishing its cost to his customers, Cory carries out the demanding physical work that being an electrician requires. He installs power cables, lighting, communications and network cables, power outlets, light switches, and uncountable variations of light fittings for commercial clients (retail, corporations, general contractors, etc.).

When asked why commercial clients should enlist Empowercom to tackle their electrical and telecomm needs, Cory responded, “As the new kid on the block, I have a lot more to prove than established providers, and I’m eager to do it. My values and work ethic are unquestionably tied to every project I do. I’d rather let others speak to this because when it comes from me, it’s going to sound arrogant or conceited. But here it is. I’m trustworthy and positive in perspective. I go the extra mile to help my customers’ premises stand out as visually-stunning showcases. By working the way I do, I build trust from the get-go. I’m friendly. I listen closely to their vision and ask enough questions to make sure I understand what it is they want to achieve. I research different lighting design ideas and share them with my customers because sometimes they don’t know what’s possible or how to achieve the ambience they’re envisioning. I’ve practically memorised all of the countless lighting options, including the visible fittings, outlets and switches.”

Cory says he values honesty, trust, open communication, positivity, relationships and accountability. “I value these things because they’re the keys to healthy living. Without them, we allow the opposite to occur: negativity, deceit and a poor self-image, both personally and professionally. I dress professionally so people know that I take my profession and my customers’ safety and comfort level seriously. I keep a checklist on hand and prepare an itemised quotation letter and a mutually-agreed-upon contract for every confirmed customer. I want to be able to go to sleep every night knowing I did the best I could for my customers that day.”

Empowercom is conscientious when it comes to the eco-system, too. “We install LED lighting, which consumes less energy and has a longer lifespan than incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lighting. We recycle leftover copper cable. We also clean up after ourselves and reuse or recycle cardboard and plastic whenever possible. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle is one of our top-of-mind mantras.”

When asked the benefits of enlisting Empowercom, Cory says, “Customers get rock-solid guarantees and warranties. We install premium products as a matter of course unless individual customers opt for cheaper alternatives due to budget constraints. We promise a friendly, honest, enjoyable experience, quality workmanship, and friends for life who care about you and your premises. Our customers can expect great service, a great experience overall, help in finding the products they want and in creating the look and environment they envision, and some perhaps-surprising ideas to spark their imagination. We’re fun, caring, appreciative, and honest people.”

Asked to name any additional benefits that his customers receive when doing business with him, Cory responded, “The answer depends on the project.”

“For example, new lighting can increase the value of a property, giving it a more modern, updated feel. It can make an establishment feel new again, renewing occupants’ feelings of joy and excitement.

“Safety Switches disconnect the circuit when a faulty appliance or equipment misbehaves. This feature protects the building’s occupants, making sure they avoid getting electrocuted and that the property is protected from potential fires.”

“New power points & switches, like new lighting, give an establishment a more modern, updated feel – so customers feel more comfortable and safe.”

“And then there’s the personal touch. Expertise in the electrical and telecomm fields is one thing. But without exceptional listening skills and exemplary customer service, a provider can quickly become a tiresome headache. You’ll find great customer service here. Every day. Every time.”

Finally, when asked why he decided to launch his own business, Cory dug deep for the answer.

“Here’s what makes me tick as a business owner and human being.

“I want to build a company with a great culture, where people are mates, where everybody gets along and hangs out after work or on weekends. I want to create a working atmosphere where people are friendly, happy, and comfortable with one another and no one gets left out. I want a company culture where employees feel appreciated, recognised, and valued.

“And I want to help young people shape their lives to be successful, to excel and avoid mediocrity. I want to mentor and teach young kids coming from school that being a tradesman is something to be proud of. Yes, we’re blue collar workers. But that’s just a title society gave us because we get our hands dirty. I want to teach kids and teenagers about respect, teach them how to save money, how to invest in themselves, and how to appreciate and build on their assets.

Located in Sydney, Empowercom serves the greater Sydney area including Hunter, Blue Mountains, South West, Southern Highlands and the ACT