At Empowercom we are here to help.

We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions with our answers.

  • What do you charge for your services?

    Our offers are quoted as fixed prices so even a project takes longer than we estimate it will, there is no extra cost to you unless you request additional work that wasn’t part of the original scope of work.

    For the extras, our charges range from $85/hour to $120/hour depending on the time of day. (Our team receives higher rates when service times fall outside our normal hours of operation, which are 7 am to 3 pm).

  • When it comes to lighting options and which ones fit within my budget, I’m completely in the dark. Can you help?

    Absolutely! We’re aware of hundreds of available options and how they’ll “present” inside various settings. One of the things we keep uppermost in mind, along with safety, is aesthetics: how will this light fitting/switch/outlet look when it’s installed?

    We do our best to suggest options within your budget that will make your space not just a place but a showcase.

  • What should I look for in an electrical and telecomm contactor?

    First, make sure they’re LEGALLY permitted to do the work! You can find that out here:

    Next, pay attention to how well they listen to you, how helpful and reputable they are, and what their professional training has been.

    Are they insured? Do they belong to well-known and well-respected trade associations? Is their customer service exemplary? Will they clean up after themselves or leave a mess for you to deal with? Do they use eco-friendly options and recycle as much as they can? Do they have glowing testimonials from former customers? (Granted, new contractors have fewer testimonials, so read theirs especially carefully to see if they’re just generic space fillers—“He was great!”—or if they offer truly helpful details about the contractor’s work ethic and practices, on-time arrival, within-budget delivery, or how they solved a specific problem or saved a customer money.)

  • As an Empowercom customer, what can I expect from you?

    You can expect an overall a great experience: premium products with solid warranties (unless you opt for cheaper alternatives), a lifetime warranty* on our workmanship, 7 to 10 year cable guarantees*, and manufacturer parts and equipment warranties. *Terms & conditions apply.

    You can also expect us to listen carefully to the vision you have for your premises, and to suggest options and alternatives that are within your budget if we firmly believe they will make you more satisfied and happier without costing you significantly more.

    You can expect us to be eco-friendly and eco-conscious and to reduce waste and recycle materials wherever possible.
    You can expect us to clean up after ourselves.
    Finally, you can expect to find fun new friends and potentially-powerful partnerships.

  • I want to update my lighting fixtures; they’re so 90’s! Is this a prudent use of my disposable income?

    Yes! New lighting can increase the value of a dwelling if you’re thinking of selling it. Even if you plan to stay put, new lighting can transform the look and feel of a space so it seems like a new home.

    New power points and switches can do the same thing for very little extra outlay of cash. And while you’re thinking if it, consider new safety switches. They will disconnect a circuit when an appliance or other equipment misbehaves so you’re protected from electrocution and potential fires.

  • I have high electricity bills that I’d love to lower. Can you help?

    Yes! We install eco-friendly LED lighting, which can save a bundle in electrical costs every year.

  • How much does changing from halogen and incandescent lighting to LED save?

    Let’s take the example of an average 3-bedroom home with 30 halogen downlights where the family has them turned on for a total of five hours per night. At an average of 29c per kilowatt hour, over a 365 day year, these halogen downlights will cost $793 to run.

    By contrast, LED downlights cost ONE FIFTH that amount ($159) to run because they’re five times more efficient.

  • I’m concerned about an electrical problem.

    Then don’t wait! Failing to address an electrical problem can result in electrocution and fires! Never, ever let a new electrical anomaly linger. Find out what’s causing it so you don’t put yourself, your loved ones, or your customers at risk.

  • Whoever wired this place did a shoddy job. Can you help?

    Yes, we can help. Give us a call. We’ll be happy to come by, evaluate your situation, and give you a price to fix whatever is unattractive/dangerous/wrong.

  • My electrical circuits keep failing/tripping/turning off and I don’t know why. Can you diagnose and cure what ails them?

    Yes. Give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer a few questions remotely and to come by, evaluate your situation, and give you a price to fix it if the situation warrants it.

    More often than not, you may be using too many high-powered appliances at the same time, which over-loads the circuit. This scenario is quite common in the morning during breakfast or morning tea when the toaster, sandwich press, microwave and coffee machine are all running at once, and in winter when people use several portable electric heaters at the same time.

    Alternatively, you may have unknowingly plugged in a faulty device or appliance which caused the circuit to trip. Unplug the last thing you were using when the circuit failed, then turn the circuit back on at the switchboard; the problem should be solved. If it isn’t, you could have a bigger, more concerning issue at hand and you should definitely call an electrician to check it out.

  • What trends are occurring in your line of work these days?

    Renewable energy, LED lighting, and home and building automation are growing trends in the electrical industry.

    Renewable energy (as solar and wind power) are becoming more popular as efficiency improves, technology advances, and electricity bills rise.

    As energy becomes costlier, people are looking to save money. Using LED lighting reduces the cost of electricity.

    Home and building automation has been around for years, but only recently technology has advanced so far that you can now control lights, appliances, cooling and heating, security, CCTV, televisions and entertainment systems from anywhere in your home and office—and even from the other side of the world—via the internet or your phone.

  • Can you offer or promise me the best price?

    Yes, we can give you the best price. Having said that, we cannot promise you the cheapest price because we offer exceptional value by completing our work to a high standard, we use quality parts and materials, and we offer some rock-solid warranties that other providers don’t.

    We will always keep your budget uppermost in mind. But our primary responsibility is to keep your safety and ultimate satisfaction in mind. Under no circumstances will we risk that. We couldn’t sleep at night if we did…and our customer satisfaction ratings would suffer, too.