Lepa G. – Parramatta, NSW

I was in the midst of doing a home renovation and I wanted to have new lights installed, inside and out, lighting fixture positions changed, power rerouted to my garage and lights and power outlets added to it.

Earlier in the project, I’d had from an unhappy experience with an unreliable electrician so I reached out to a more knowledgeable friend seeking a better option. He recommended his brother to me—Cory, at Empowercom. I felt comfortable with this because I’d known and been friends with him long enough to know that he wouldn’t steer me wrong, even to help his brother.

Cory is absolutely brilliant. I didn’t know what to expect, really, so he walked me through every aspect of the project over the phone. His expertise was apparent from that first contact. He was patient and kind and thankfully he didn’t spout electrician’s jargon so I could easily understand everything he said to me.

On the same day he finished the work, he came out to make sure everything was working for me the way I wanted it to. He even rechecked a second and third time to make sure I was still satisfied. He also spotted and rectified an issue of some unsafe wiring that I wasn’t aware in my roof-space. He took these extra steps, I’m sure, to show he really cared about my results and about my ongoing satisfaction.

Cory was very clean, always on time, and he even bought the lights for me. I picked them out, and he went right out and got them.

I’m thrilled with the work Cory did for me. The new lights at the front of my home are controlled by a sensor so they come on automatically at the right time every night without my having to think about it. And the improvements to the inside of my home, with its modern light fittings and increased lighting throughout, make it a real pleasure to get around in and enjoy.

I trusted Cory 100%. I could tell he really knew what he was doing so I didn’t feel the slightest need to check up on him at all. Instead, I was able to give all of my time and attention to my favourite day time guilty pleasure, The Bold & The Beautiful.

Thank you, Cory at Empowercom, for empowering me with lighting and with my new ability to enthusiastically recommend a wonderful electrician to my friends, neighbours and relatives!

Mark & Pearly M. – Winston Hills, NSW

We put our trust in Cory at Empowercom because we purchased an older home & wanted to modernize it.

We chose Empowercom initially because of a past working relationship with Cory. We knew he was thorough and professional, with a good work ethic, so we expected him to produce an attractive, efficient outcome in a timely manner.

It also happened that Empowercom is very close by, so that was convenient, too.

Cory’s do-list for our home was substantial. He replaced our old lights with new, modern fittings, relocated the WIFI from the baby’s room to a safer, more central area of our home, added power points in places that we wanted them but figured would be impossible (it appears to us now that nothing is impossible for Cory!), cleaned up a lot of existing conduits and wiring that didn’t look safe, and installed new switches in the switchboard, replacing old and unsafe fuses.

What stood out to us, other than the result—which we’re thrilled with—is that Cory consulted us and showed us options and opportunities that we wouldn’t have known about or seen on our own.

So instead of just receiving the standard products and services that you should be able to expect from any reputable electrical and communications contractor, we received his insights and expertise, too. And, again, a result that makes us exceptionally happy.

Cory is flexible, available, reliable, knowledgeable about every product he installed for us, and his workmanship and personal and business ethics are second-to-none.

Best of all, he exceeded our expectations—which were high!—and we developed an even greater relationship than we had before as a bonus.

We know Empowercom will do the same for everyone who chooses to do business with them, affordably.

Pablo M – Anytime Fitness Regional Manager

I had an urgent need to replace an industrial fan which had stopped working.

After hearing about Empowercom through word of mouth and how professional they are, I called them. The owner, Cory, answered the phone.

His communication over the phone was personal and tuned in; I could tell he really cared about the urgency of my situation. The pricing was competitive, and he was able and willing to respond on very short notice.

My entire experience with Cory was enjoyable. His honesty was refreshing. He quickly replaced the damaged fan with a spare that we had on hand. He completed the task with zero hassles and cleaned up after himself. In fact, he was so tidy doing the work that other people in the gym also commented on it!

With Cory, I felt completely freed up to let him do his thing while I continued to do mine. He was efficient, easy-going, knowledgeable, and friendly.

If I had to put it all into a one-sentence sound bite, it would be “Empowercom delivered an A-1 customer service experience: urgent response time, competitive prices, respectful, and tidy.”

Based on my personal experience with Cory, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Empowercom to any individual, company or builder in need of a reliable, honest, hard-working electrician or electrical contractor.