We put our trust in Cory at Empowercom because we purchased an older home & wanted to modernize it.

We chose Empowercom initially because of a past working relationship with Cory. We knew he was thorough and professional, with a good work ethic, so we expected him to produce an attractive, efficient outcome in a timely manner.

It also happened that Empowercom is very close by, so that was convenient, too.

Cory’s do-list for our home was substantial. He replaced our old lights with new, modern fittings, relocated the WIFI from the baby’s room to a safer, more central area of our home, added power points in places that we wanted them but figured would be impossible (it appears to us now that nothing is impossible for Cory!), cleaned up a lot of existing conduits and wiring that didn’t look safe, and installed new switches in the switchboard, replacing old and unsafe fuses.

What stood out to us, other than the result—which we’re thrilled with—is that Cory consulted us and showed us options and opportunities that we wouldn’t have known about or seen on our own.

So instead of just receiving the standard products and services that you should be able to expect from any reputable electrical and communications contractor, we received his insights and expertise, too. And, again, a result that makes us exceptionally happy.

Cory is flexible, available, reliable, knowledgeable about every product he installed for us, and his workmanship and personal and business ethics are second-to-none.

Best of all, he exceeded our expectations—which were high!—and we developed an even greater relationship than we had before as a bonus.

We know Empowercom will do the same for everyone who chooses to do business with them, affordably.