We ensure customers that our warranties are easy to read, comprehend and apply throughout their purchases with Empowercom Pty Ltd. We understand how overwhelming and confusing legal jargon can be, therefore we aim to take a more simplistic approach to assure our customers are aware of their rights and entitlements under our warranty sections.


“We”, “us” or “our” refers to our company, Empowercom Pty Ltd, operating in NSW Australia.

“Customer”, “customers”, “you” or “your” refers to the original purchaser of our goods and/or services.

“Proof of purchase” refers to any receipt, invoice or written document provided to you after your purchase during an exchange for our goods and/or services.

“Identification” refers to the original purchaser’s proof of identification – including a driver’s licence, passport, student ID or any other verified photo identification.

General Terms

As a customer of Empowercom Pty Ltd, we will provide you with warranties for our goods and services, on the condition that you show us your proof of purchase and photo identification.

For claims regarding our goods, we reserve the right to inspect any product in question and confirm its cause of failure or defect.

For claims regarding our services, we reserve the right to investigate the situation in question and confirm whether an employee’s conduct did not exercise acceptable care, skill or technical knowledge.

In circumstances where we find the cause of failure, defect or erroneous conduct to have been a result of other sources, such as a customer or third party’s conduct, then full charges will apply for the cost of any repair or replacement requested by that customer. For further information, please read the Not Covered section within this document.

High Quality Workmanship

Customers of Empowercom Pty Ltd are protected by our 7-year warranty on workmanship. This means that as the original purchaser, from the date of your purchase, you will be covered on the labour of our employees during the completion of our services.

We guarantee our installation is completed to meet or exceed the electrical installation criteria defined within the Australian Standard (AS 3000), National Construction Code and manufacturer’s instructions which are current at the time the work was completed. In other words, the year your invoice has written on it is the year of the regulations we will/have completed our work to. We will not provide cover for workmanship that is deemed defective or non-compliant according to rules released after the installation date.

Please note that this section only applies to our services in particular. Therefore, if your enquiry is related to a manufacturer defect or error, please read Equipment Cover below.

Equipment Cover

We will cover any defects or failures of our goods as a result of defective parts, materials or manufacturing during the specified warranty period from the date of purchase.

The following goods are covered under this warranty for the specified period of time –

  • 25 years with Voltex Australia Brand for switches, power outlets, safety switches, circuit breakers, data, data cables, and industrial outlets.
  • 7 years with Voltex Australia Brand for downlights, oyster lights, dimmers, flood lights, batten lights, high bays, and battery smoke alarms.

Overall Warranty Services

Upon meeting the above requirements:

  • we will replace any of our purchased goods covered by our warranties for free, and hence, without customers occurring additional fees.
  • we will repair any defects in our services where our workmanship did not exercise acceptable care, skill or technical knowledge.
  • none of the sources listed below apply to the warranty claim being sought.

Not Covered

Our warranties will not cover any damage, issue or defect caused by:

  • improper use;
  • improper, irregular or lack of maintenance as per the manufacturer’s instructions;
  • natural causes, e.g. floods, fires, storms, lightning strikes etc.;
  • weathering;
  • animals of all types and sizes;
  • malicious or negligent conduct;
  • modification of the product or material;
  • conduct of third parties;
  • any repairs, additions or alterations completed by third parties who are not employed directly under Empowercom Pty Ltd;
  • theft or loss of the product and material;
  • damage, defects or other issues which are a result of electricity supply problems, lack of user care or power surges; and
  • the supernatural.

Furthermore, our warranties will not cover:

  • a customer’s existing electrical wiring, equipment and appliances;
  • any consequential or other loss to a customer as a result of failure of goods; and
  • a customer’s supplied goods.

A warranty will not be usable where we find evidence of tampering or other negligent and reckless conduct by a third party on the electrical installation at any time.

How to make your claim

If you wish to make a claim under any of our warranties, please contact our Caring Team on (02) 9056 1188 and specify the grounds for your claim. An inspection will then be booked with one of our technicians and you will be notified of an outcome within a reasonable amount of time.

Please note that warranties are only available to the original purchaser whom can provide proof of their purchase and is not transferable to any third party.