At the age of three, I was helping my grandfather build and repair things around the house. He’s the one who taught me to use a hammer, a saw, and a paint brush. I think this is where my passion for using my hands to build and fix things was born. Today I’m a business owner and electrician, both of which require patience, great knowledge of safe practices, nimble dexterity, and the ability to see the end from the beginning: follow a business plan, create or read technical drawings, etc. I’ve honed my skills to a place where I’m more than a technician: I’m also an innovative visionary: I can envision and explain aesthetic concepts to my clients so they can see it, too.

One of my favourite activities is mountain biking. Shredding down trails, going fast and getting airborne thrills me; the adrenaline rush is amazing and the feeling of accomplishment when you’ve reached a new personal best is second to none!

I’m passionate about personal and professional development. I read to educate myself on different topics and to become a better person. The type of reading I choose helps me create a healthy mind, body and spirit. I like books that help me reflect on my mindset and how to make it more robust and advantageous. Books also keep me motivated, organised and focused on evolving as a business owner. I also use what I learn to advise and help others who are struggling with some of the same challenges and perspectives I managed to overcome as a result of what I’ve learned in various books.