Helping humans is part of Empowercom’s name and our mission so when we learned about B1G1 (Buy1Give1) back in November of 2018 their concept of helping humans really resonated with us.

We saw Masami Sato (Founder B1G1) speak in Sydney about her journey through life as a chef who built a thriving business. She always wanted to help others, vowing to give profits away to those in need and despite this humble intention found herself chasing her tail time and time again as she invested money back into the business to continue growing.

I too thought similarly – “We will give back when we’re bigger and well established…” And this was where the light bulb moment appeared and fire ignited in my gut.

Masami spontaneously realised one day. “What if we gave one meal away for every meal we sold?” Realising that she didn’t need to wait for “success” to achieve her deepest dream to help others.

And so there it was. B1G1 was formed.

There was warmth, tears, love and gratitude in the room that November day and so I wanted to start my dream, Empowercom’s mission to help empower our fellow human beings to improve their quality of life.